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Jan 28, 2020

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According to a recent study, the average modern wedding takes 528 hours to plan. That’s A LOT of hours! Often times after speaking with couples who have just gotten married their biggest challenges have been the stress that comes from the amount of time needed to plan, staying on budget, vetting various vendors, managing family expectations, the list goes on! Instead, the year of your engagement should be a year of excitement and celebration! This is where hiring a wedding planner comes in. With so many newly engaged couples this season, we wanted to share 7 reasons you should consider hiring a wedding planner.


1: Experience to handle the unexpected

— Whether it’s a broken dress strap, a sick groomsman or an unexpected guest that shows up to your reception, experienced planners can manage virtually any situation with ease. We’ve seen it all before, we have the right tools (we literally carry an emergency tool kit) and know who we need to connect with in any given situation to smooth things over and keep everything cool, calm and collected!


2: Professional vendor recommendations

— No matter where you may be planning your wedding, there are guaranteed to be some absolutely fabulous vendors available in your area… alongside some not so fabulous ones, but how do you select the right people?

An experienced planner can provide you with recommendations for professional vendors who do excellent work and will provide you with a great service. Nothing is more valuable than firsthand experience when it comes to wedding vendors who will be working with you on your special day. Instead of spending hours combing through and vetting multiple vendors yourself, your planner will already have a narrowed down list of vendors who have done wonderful work ready to go! 


3: Budget smarter

— This is one of the areas where hiring a planner can truly get you the most “bang for your buck.” A planner can help you set a realistic budget, and help you stick with it during the planning process. Most couples have never planned a wedding before, and naturally, have no idea what different elements of a wedding can cost. Planners can give you a great idea of the range of prices that are typical for your area, and help you decide which venues/vendors may be the best fit, where you may want to cut back or where you may want to enhance. 


4: Design expertise 

— Wondering how to make the best use of the space available at your venue? Not sure which color scheme will make the most sense given your venue’s location and time of year? Want to make sure each part of your day has a cohesive look & feel? We are here for you! Experienced planners can guide you in all of these areas and will be up to date on the seasons trends and latest looks. Most planners will also have some fresh “out of the box” design ideas that will help make your day truly unique.


5: Let your family & friends enjoy the day

— One of the greatest gifts you can give to your friends and family on your wedding day is to let them be a guest and nothing more! There are always friends and relatives who will offer to help (which can be absolutely wonderful), but when it comes to handling things on the day-of, hand it over to the professionals. We’ve done this hundreds of times and want to make sure your family & friends can be fully present on a day that will only happen once. This will not only keep everything more organized and streamlined, but will also ensure nothing is missed and that all of your guests can relax without feeling like they have to work! 


6: Let YOURSELF truly enjoy the day 

— When you develop a trusting relationship with your planner over the months leading up to your wedding, you can go into your big day knowing that you are truly in good hands. No need to worry if everything will end up in the right place or look as you had envisioned. Leave it to the pros!


7: The venue coordinator is NOT the same as a wedding planner 

— We hear this so, so often… “our venue provides a planner/coordinator, so we don’t need to hire anyone else.” Nearly every venue will provide some sort of day-of onsite staff member, but don’t confuse this person with your personal planner! Venue staff tend to be mainly focused on the venue only, not on all of the other details that are part of the day (ie: tracking the timeline, vendor management, handling your personal items, etc.). A great planner will always keep tabs on all of these items, as well as stay in touch with the venue staff to ensure everything is running smoothly!


Overall, there are some huge benefits from hiring a wedding planner! We may be biased, but we believe there is no greater gift than going into your wedding planning process stress free, so you can truly enjoy this very special season of life!


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