As we prepare to put our party pants back on...

We are so excited for the world to start opening again but we know that things won’t look the same as they always did. We have made some changes at Pink Peony Weddings & Events to keep you and our staff safe. 

All clients will be required to sign a COVID waiver before their wedding day. Below is a link to the waiver so you can read it ahead of time!


Action Steps for Pink Peony Weddings & Events Employees

PPWE Preparedness Plan

All employees will be required to abide by the following:
• PPWE staff members will have their hair up and pulled back for the entirety of your event to avoid touching our faces.
• PPWE staff members will be required to wash their hands hourly or after direct contact with the client or guest, food & drink, and after using the restroom even if it's to change or to check on restroom supplies.
• PPWE staff members will be required to wear gloves when handling food, beverages, or any item used for food or beverage service by a guest.
• PPWE staff members will wear masks throughout the entire event.
• PPWE staff members will stay home if they are feeling sick or are affected by COVID-19. We will have an on-call employee for each event in case your assigned planner gets sick.

For up to date information on COVID-19 for the state of MN click here

There are a lot of things that are “guidelines” and “encouraged” but as of Saturday, July 25th, here are the items that are required to have your event in MN:

Preparedness Plan - All businesses who are operating a non-essential business have to have a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, and each event has to have a Preparedness Plan with a Plan Administrator. Ask to see each of your vendor’s plans, and work with your planner, caterer and venue to create your event plan, which needs to be posted/available at the event. 

Food Service - Food needs to be served in accordance with current guidelines from the MN Department of Health. If you are planning on any kind of self-service food or beverage area, it must have someone monitoring the area for sanitizing and social distancing must be maintained in the area. You should just plan on having all food and beverages served by catering staff or bartenders, or have individually packaged items.

Capacity - All gatherings are limited to 250 people, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Indoor events are limited to 25% capacity of what the fire code is, plus figuring in social distancing between tables and table capacity. Also, the 25% includes how many people in the space, not just the guests. It includes all vendors and staff working in the space. So a venue that holds 500 would be 125, but once you figure in distancing out tables and staff working, it might only be 100 guests.

Tables must be limited to be 4 people total, or 6 people if they are part of the same household. A head table cannot be filled with people from numerous different households. You cannot have 7-12+ chairs at any table for any reason. Kids and babies count as a whole person. So yes, two different couples from two different households can be at one table, but three different couples from three different households cannot. 

Masks - Masks are required at any venue that is a business. If your venue is charging you money to be there, they are a business. Masks are required for anyone indoors who is not actively eating or drinking, or receiving a personal service, like getting makeup put on. This includes anytime you are moving around the space, going to the bathroom, getting a drink from the bar, etc. Masks are required for any workers or staff when outdoors and not able to maintain a distance of six feet or more. Masks are strongly encouraged outdoors for anyone who cannot maintain social distance.

Q: Are masked required during dancing?

A: No, but masks are strongly recommended. Dancing falls under the physical exertion exemption (originally designed for gyms, etc.) so masks may be removed if social distancing of 6ft is exercised. Dancing is a very high risk activity and we recommend forgoing one all together. First and family dances are great and you could also consider having your DJ do a trivia or other fun distanced activity. 

Q: Are masked required for the wedding party, couple and officiant during wedding ceremonies?

A: No, but are strongly recommended. Ceremonies fall under ceremony and speaker exceptions. Social distancing is required.

Important items to note regarding venue and catering rules - 
If your venue/caterer is telling you any of the following, please take note and reference the above guidelines. These vendors may be in direct violation of the governor's orders. They are breaking the requirements and doing YOU a disservice:

They are not creating a COVID plan for your event, only a plan for their staff
You can still have a buffet and they won’t be making any modifications to it
Telling you they are a restaurant and can have 50% capacity, but don’t have any in-house catering or a restaurant on their property
You can have as many people at a table as you want or as you feel comfortable with
You and/or your guests don’t have to wear masks inside because it is private property
Vendors that are telling you these things are not taking the health and safety of you and your guests into consideration. You should ask them to help you come up with a layout and plan to keep you and your guests safe.

Q: My wedding is a private event, so doesn’t that make it exempt from all these rules?
A: No, it does not because you have many businesses involved in your event who DO have to follow all of these rules. All responsible vendors want to keep you and all of your guests safe, they want to keep themselves and their staff safe, and they are unable to bend the rules for any reason. Vendors who violate these rules face fines ranging from $1,000-$25,000. 

We, along with your other vendors, understand that this is not the wedding you planned. However, if you are choosing to move forward with it this year, we want to help you be fully prepared to follow the current rules & mandates, and to have your venue and vendors follow them as well. Health and safety of all involved is our number one goal!